tree work

Pruning. We carry out a lot of pruning to help customers maintain their trees in a safe and healthy condition. Pruning will help to promote growth, to maintain the size and shape,  or to improve the quality tree. It could include removing dead branches. However improper pruning can lead to trees becoming unsightly, diseased and even dangerous.
Felling trees. We can remove entire trees which are diseased or storm damaged. Typically we will carry out the following:

crown thin

Crown thinning is the removal of some of the smaller/tertiary branches, usually at the outer crown, to produce a uniform thickness of foliage around evenly spaced branches. A good reason for crown thinning is to allow more light to pass through the tree and reduce wind resistance.

crown lift or crown raising

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches. Crown lifting will allow more light to areas closer to the tree or to enable access under the tree.

crown reduction

Crown reduction will reduce the height and/or spread of foliage bearing branches of a tree. Crown reduction can reduce stress on branches or the whole tree, make the tree more in proportion to its surroundings, or improve the effects of shading and light loss.

tree removal

Tree removal is the removal of the whole tree, with the exception of the stump, and typically because of disease or storm damage. This can be carried out in open or confined spaces with limited accessibility and minimal impact on the surrounding area.

stump grinding

Stump grinding is the removal of the tree stump and its lateral roots. This will prevent new shoots (suckers) growing and any diseases forming. The area will be level with soil and wood chip.

tree preservation order (TPO)

A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority in England to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands. As an owner of a tree you are responsible for its maintenance but if it is protected there are guidelines to follow and permission required before any work commences.

hedge cutting and removal

Hedges and hedgerow require maintenance, just like a tree, to keep them in a safe and healthy condition. While regular trimming will keep them aesthetically pleasing!

We also offer grass cutting and fencing services, so please do not hesitate to contact us for your tree and garden care needs.